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NO:124 -;4 September 2007, Press Release Regarding the Terrorist attacks;in Pakistan;(Unofficial Translation)


The reports on the abhorrent terrorist attacks that took place in Pakistan’s Rawalpindi province on 4 September 2007, which claimed 24 lives and left 66 wounded, have been received with deep regret and concern.

In all her contacts at multilateral, regional and bilateral levels, Turkey has been stressing in the strongest terms that terrorism should be condemned regardless of its sources and pretexts, and be considered as a crime against humanity. Turkey has always underlined the vital importance of effective international cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

In this context, Turkey strongly condemns these heinous terrorist attacks which aimed at well-being of our Pakistani brothers and at the stability and peace in Pakistan.

Turkey sincerely shares the grief of brotherly people of Pakistan, for this loathsome attack. We extend our condolences to the families of the victims of the attacks and the Pakistan Government, and wish speedy recovery to those wounded.