Turkey - India Political Relations

Turkey recognized India right after its declaration of independence on 15 August 1947 and diplomatic relations were established between the two countries.

Turkey is represented in India by its Embassy in New Delhi and Consulates General in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Turkey considers India as a friendly country taking firm steps forward to be a global power with its growing economy, huge market, military power, outstanding knowledge in space technology and informatics, rich human resources and deep-rooted historical and cultural heritage.

Bilateral relations between Turkey and India are developing through high level visits in recent years.

President H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan paid an official visit to India on 30 April-1 May 2017. In November 2008, H.E. Erdoğan, the then Prime Minister of Turkey and in February 2010 former President H.E. Mr. Abdullah Gül paid official visits to India. President Gül’s visit to India was the first visit at presidential level from Turkey to India after 15 years.

Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, visited New Delhi on 18-19 February 2011 to participate in the “Harnessing the Positive Contribution of South-South Co-operation for the Development of Least Developed Countries” Conference organized in preparation to the Fourth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries held in Istanbul, on 7-8 February 2011.

Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, paid an official visit to India on 18-19 August 2016. On the occasion of the visit, the “Road Map between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey and Ministry of External Affairs of the Republic of India” was adopted.

As for the Indian side, former Vice President and Chairman of Rajya Sabha H.E. Mr. M. Hamid Ansari visited Turkey on 10-15 October 2011 upon the invitation extended by the Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and the then Minister of External Affairs H.E. Mr. Salman Khurshid paid a visit to Turkey on 20-22 July 2013. Minister Khurshid’s visit to Turkey has been the first visit at this level from India to Turkey after 10 years.

Former President H.E. Pranab Mukherjee visited Turkey on 5-7 October 2013 upon the invitation extended by President H.E. Mr. Abdullah Gül. This has been the first visit at the Presidential level from India to Turkey after an interval of 15 years. Furthermore, Minister of External Affairs H.E. Sushma Swaraj paid a working visit to Turkey on 15-16 January 2015. The most recent high level visit from India to Turkey was the visit of Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Narendra Modi to participate in the G20 Summit held in Antalya on 15-16 November 2015.