Statement Made by the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey

We deeply regret the adoption of a resolution by the Parliament of Sweden pertaining to the claim that certain peoples were subjected to genocide during the final period of the Ottoman Empire. We strongly condemn this resolution.

Our nation and Government reject this unsubstantiated resolution replete with immense errors.

It is obvious that the resolution was adopted with certain political calculations in view of the upcoming elections to be held in Sweden in September 2010. This resolution adopted with domestic political motives does not befit Turkey-Sweden relations and the close cooperation and friendship between our peoples.

It is Turkey who calls for honestly confronting history. Those who avoid confronting history are the ones who are afraid of together discussing their claims and shedding light on the truth through scientific methods. Those who have this fear are abusing foreign politicians who pursue petty political interests and are in turn also exploited by these politicians. It is the result of such a cycle of abuse that these claims regarding the final period of the Ottoman Empire entered the agenda of the Swedish Parliament.

The task of the Parliaments and politicians is not to pass judgement on history, but to draw lessons from the past in order to build the future.

Those who believe that historical facts and Turkey’s opinion regarding its own history will be changed by decisions adopted by foreign Parliaments for political gains are gravely mistaken.

The Turkey-Sweden Summit to be held on March 17, 2010 and the Prime Minister’s visit to this country have been cancelled.

Our Ambassador in Stockholm has been recalled to Ankara for consultations.