Speech by Under Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Ambassador Feridun H. Sinirlioğlu at the inaguration of the Photography Exhibition entitled “Journey of Friendship”

Excellency Ambassador Haroon Shaukat,

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen

I warmly welcome you all to the inauguration of the Photography Exhibition entitled “Journey of Friendship” at our Ministry’s Suna Çokgür Ilıcak Art Gallery.

I think that Ambassador Shaukat has aptly chosen the name of the exhibition. Because the history of Turkey-Pakistan relationship is indeed an exemplary journey of friendship.

Our common history reflects the deep affection between the peoples of our two countries.

The support extended by the Muslims of the sub-continent to the Turkish War of Liberation occupies a special place in the Turkish mind.

Turkey and Pakistan are not geographical neighbours but we consider Turkey and Pakistan as “neighbours by heart”.

Throughout our common history, both countries extended to each other their support during the most difficult times and we will continue to do so whenever it is necessary.

We cemented our friendly relations with frequent high level visits and these relations are further strengthened by consistently developing economic, social and cultural exchanges.

This exhibition is one of the activities that will be organized within the framework of the Pakistani Cultural Week, which will continue until 30th of March. I avail myself of this opportunity to thank Ambassador Shaukat and his colleagues for their efforts to organize such a comprehensive and well- thought-out cultural week, which will promote the rich culture of Pakistan, both traditional and modern.

I would also like to thank you all for your kind attention to this significant exhibition.