Relations between Turkey and Turkmenistan

Turkey is the first country to recognize the independence of Turkmenistan and to open its Embassy in Ashgabat. Turkey also supports Turkmenistan’s neutral status.

Bound by a common history, language, religion and culture, the two countries and peoples enjoy special relations. Today the cooperation between the two countries encompasses very diverse fields; foreign policy, trade, economy, culture and education being the foremost areas.

In 2012, the Turkish-Turkmen relations, gaining a new impetus, have continued to develop rapidly with a busy schedule of high level visits. President H.E Berdimuhammedov’s two visits to Turkey in 2012 have been a milestone in bringing the two countries together in various joint projects and plans for investment. Our President paid an official visit to Turkmenistan on 29-31 May 2013.

Turkish businessmen have contributed to Turkmenistan’s development since the early days of independence with about 600 Turkish companies registered in Turkmenistan. In the past few years, Turkmenistan has become the country in Central Asia where Turkish contracting companies undertook the most projects. From the independence of Turkmenistan until today, Turkish companies assumed contracting work in the country, totaling more than 34 billion USD.

Apart from the construction sector, the textile and tourism sectors are other areas with active Turkish private involvement. The trade volume between Turkey and Turkmenistan is also rapidly increasing with bilateral trade at 3.5 billion USD in 2012.

Close relations between Turkey and Turkmenistan exist in humanitarian fields as well. Each year, numerous Turkmen citizens travel to Turkey for tourism and trade, and thousands of Turkmen students receive university education in Turkey. More than 10 thousand Turkish citizens live in Turkmenistan. Such interaction forms an important bridge between the two brotherly peoples.