Relations between Turkey and the United States of America

From a historical point of view, relations between Turkey and the United States are multidimensional and based on mutual respect and interest. As NATO allies, Turkey and the U.S., carry out their bilateral relations on the basis of universal values, including democracy, freedoms, respect for human rights, rule of law and free-market economy.

Turkey and the U.S. cooperate on a broad geography, covering Syria, Iraq, the Middle East, North Africa, the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Eastern Mediterranean, Central and South Asia as well as on critically important issues, such as counter-terrorism, energy security, nuclear non-proliferation and global economic developments.

President Barack Obama paid a bilateral visit to Turkey in April 2009 and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has also visited the United States in December 2009 and May 2013 as Turkey’s Prime Minister and on the 16th of May 2017 as President.

The partnership between Turkey and the United States is based on common values and interests and is time-tested. For decades, intermittent differences of views and opinions have not affected the sound texture of the relationship, despite its multi-layered nature, consisting of many complex regions and issues.

The trade volume between Turkey and the US reached 18 billion dollars in 2017 (first 11 months of 2017). Turkey’s total export to the US amounted to 7.2 billion dollars while its total import reached 10.8 billion dollars in the same year.

The number of Turkish Americans is estimated at 300.000 by January 2017.

Turkish Airlines has direct flights to 9 destinations in the US and Turkey hosted 459.493 American tourists in 2016.