Relations between Turkey and Singapore

Turkey established diplomatic relations with Singapore on 12 February 1969 and the Turkish Embassy in this country was opened on 1 November 1985. The Singaporean Embassy in Ankara was opened in 2012 and the first resident Singaporean Ambassador in Ankara took up his duties on 27 July 2015.

The deepening relations between Turkey and Singapore have been enhanced by mutual high level visits in recent years. H.E. President Erdoğan, then in his capacity as Prime Minister, visited Singapore on 8-9 January 2014. It was the first Prime Ministerial visit from Turkey to Singapore after an interval of 18 years.

H.E. Prime Minister Lee visited Turkey on 12-15 October 2014. This was the first official visit from Singapore to Turkey at the level of Prime Minister after a 24-year-interval. H.E Binali Yıldırım, then in his capacity as Prime Minister, also paid an official visit to Singapore on 21-22 August 2017.

The joint declaration of Strategic Partnership between Turkey and Singapore was signed during H.E. Lee’s visit to Turkey on 12-15 October 2015.

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Turkey and Singapore was signed in November 2015 during H.E. Prime Minister Lee’s visit to Turkey on the occasion of the G-20 Leaders Summit. The FTA entered into force in October 2017 and is the most comprehensive FTA that Turkey has ever signed, which also includes the public procurements and services sector together with trade and investment.

Turkey and Singapore have also concluded Agreements for “ the Prevention of Double Taxation and Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with Respect to Taxes on Income” and “the Reciprocal Promotion and Protection of Investments”.

Although there doesn’t exist a Joint Economic Commission (JEC) mechanism between Turkey and Singapore, the Turkey-Singapore Business Council, which was established in 2009, convenes regularly.

Under Turkiye Scholarships 12 students from Singapore have been awarded higher education scholarships at Turkish universities.

Annually since 2011, 15 Turkish students study in Singapore under TEV Scholarships, in line with the agreement between the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) and the Boğaziçi University, the Koç University and the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV). The agreement aims to enhance cooperation in certain areas including research and doctorate education, exchange of academic instructors and providing scholarships.

Turkish Airlines and Singapore Airlines carry out seven and five flights per week respectively between the two countries.