Relations between Turkey and Lebanon

Following the end of the Lebanese civil war, bilateral relations between Turkey and Lebanon have gained momentum, especially in the period of and after the official visit of the late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri to Turkey in 2004. During the years following that visit, many mutual exchanges took place at the level of Prime Minister and different Cabinet Ministers, which have paved the way in improving bilateral relations in various fields.

Turkey has always attached importance to the stability, security and welfare of Lebanon. During the July-August 2006 war with Israel, Turkey has played a proactive role in trying to bring about a ceasefire and following the UN Security Council Resolution 1701 which established UNIFIL, Turkey has actively participated in the peace keeping and monitoring mission. Lastly, Turkey’s contribution to Naval Task Force of UNIFIL has been extended until September 2016.

Furthermore, Turkey has also pushed for a solution to the political crises which erupted in 2006 in Lebanon that ended with the signing of the Doha Agreement in 2008. Subsequent election of the President Michel Sleiman in May 2008 and the establishment of the government, have contributed to the positive image of Turkey vis-à-vis the Lebanese politicians and public opinion.

During the visit to Lebanon by H.E. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, then the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, on 24-25 November 2010, the Joint Political Declaration on the establishment of the High Level Strategic Cooperation and Coordination Council was signed. Preparations are underway for holding the initial meeting of the Council.