Relations between Turkey and Grenada

Relations between Turkey and Grenada are proceeding in a problem free manner.

In 2008, President of Grenada H.E. Tillman Thomas and H.E. President Abdullah Gül came together on the occasion of the 63rd UN General Assembly.

In 2006, Turkey has provided the Government of Grenada 15.000 USD as a financial aid in order to contribute to the reconstruction of the country following the Ivan hurricane. In 2007, a further 100.000 USD was provided by TIKA Assistance Fund in order to reconstruct Calliste Government School, which was harmed by the hurricane.

No agreements have been signed towards the formation of the legal framework for commercial and economic relations between the two countries. The volume of trade between the two countries proceeds at a low level.

The Turkish Embassy in Caracas is accredited to Grenada.