Relations between Turkey and Armenia

Being one of the first countries to recognize the independence of Armenia on 16 December 1991, Turkey, provided humanitarian assistance to Armenia which was facing economic difficulties after independence and actively supported the country’s integration with regional and Euro-Atlantic organizations. However, favorable conditions to establish diplomatic relations with this country have not been materialized.

Turkey wishes to normalize its bilateral relations with Armenia in order to contribute to an atmosphere of comprehensive peace and cooperation in the South Caucasus. With this objective in mind, Turkey started to unilaterally implement certain confidence-building measures.

Within the framework of our desire to normalize our relations and resolution of our bilateral problems and as a result of the negotiation process facilitated by Switzerland, “Protocol on Establishment of Diplomatic Relations” and “Protocol on Development of Relations” between Turkey and Armenia on 10 October 2009 in Zurich. These two protocols provide a framework for the normalization of bilateral relations.

The protocols have been submitted to relevant authorities for ratification. The Armenian government on the other hand, upon its relevant regulations, first sent the protocols to its Constitutional Court in order to have their constitutionality to be approved. Consequently, the Court found the protocols to be commensurate with the Armenian Constitution with its reasoned statement, which contained contradictory elements to the letter and the spirit of the Protocols. Afterwards, the protocols were submitted to the Armenian National Parliament. On 22 April 2010 the Armenian President H.E. Mr. Sargsyan made a statement in his television address suspending the ratification process of the Protocols.

Turkey remains committed to taking the normalization process forward pending the emergence of conducive political conditions in the region. In this regard, Turkey, as a member of the OSCE Minsk Group, and a country in the region, continues to support the efforts towards the peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Turkey works on creative ideas in order that the NK negotiation process would gain a new momentum. Turkey is of the opinion that regional cooperation opportunities will encourage the parties towards a settlement. We sincerely believe that if all the interested parties display the necessary political will, and are encouraged in the right direction; our hopes for comprehensive peace in the South Caucasus will certainly be realized.