Project For The Construction Of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ New Premises

In order to find a long-term solution to the growing office needs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it has been decided to build new premises in a land of 132 acres located in Balgat-Karakusunlar. This project will enable to house all the existing buildings of the Ministry in one single area. A contest was launched on 2 July 2010 in co-ordination with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and the State Planning Organization in order to develop the most suitable project.


The contest held in two-stages was finalized in November 2010. The winners of the contest Mr. Süleyman Bayrak and Mr. Ahmet Yertutan are the architects of the Ankara Esenboğa Airport Building. Their project for our new premises constitutes a harmonious synthesis of traditional Turkish features and modern architecture. Creating a sober atmosphere and as well as converting the new premises into a symbol of prestige have been kept in the forefront in their project.


The basic elements of the buildings consist of the senior executive wing, meeting rooms, entrance halls, political & administrative departments and social areas. Under the project, the green area of the plot will be rearranged and preserved. Furthermore, through the creation of recreational areas the relationship between the building and the environment will be strengthened.


The premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be located in a total area of 185,300 square meters (in the current buildings of the Ministry this is approximately equal to 54,000 square meters). It has been decided that these premises will be comprised of the following units:


Senior executive wing: 11,500 square meters;

Political section: 58,500 square meters;

Administrative section: 36,000 square meters;

Diplomatic Academy and Center for Strategic Studies: 4,100 square meters;

Recreational and social area: 22,700 square meters;

General service units: 52,500 square meters.


It is envisaged that the entrance hall of the senior executive wing will be two-storey high and artificially illuminated from a gallery roof. This hall will also feature wall paintings and sculptures.


The 150 square meters office of the Minister will also comprise a dining room, a meeting room and a private lounge. Special architectural features have been envisaged in order to ensure the security of this area. In this framework, the architectural design of this area will enable the Minister’s direct access to meeting rooms, the exhibition hall, museum section, press center and crisis center.

In the new premises there will be a foyer and a press center for 600 people along with its offices. There will be also two meeting rooms for 500 persons and five meeting rooms for 100 persons. In addition, a 500 square meters exhibition hall and a museum easily accessible from the entrance hall will be incorporated into the premises.


Separate dining rooms for the Minister, guests from the diplomatic and consular corps and Ministry’s staff will be built.


It is envisaged that the recreational and social area of the premises will comprise a nursery, a psychosocial center, an infirmary, a fitness center, a hair salon, a barber shop, shoe shine, dry cleaning, tailor, cafeteria mini market and staff center.


The Diplomatic Academy, Strategic Research Centre and Press Centre will be linked to the other units of the Ministry, but will also be designed in such a way as to ensure their autonomous functioning.


Advanced building technologies will be used in the construction of our new premises. Furthermore, systems sensitive to the environment and which will enable an efficient energy consumption will be preferred.

The following calendar is foreseen for the completion of the project:

  • January 2011: signing of a contract with the authors of the project;
  • By November 2011: completion of the preparations of the Project;
  • Following the completion of the project: issuing of a call for tender for the construction works
  • 2014: completion of the construction and inauguration of the new premises.