No:186, 13 July 2012, Press Release Regarding the Massacre Perpetrated Against the People of Tremseh Village in Hama by the Syrian Regime

We strongly condemn and deplore the massacre of more than 200 innocent civilians yesterday (12st of July) , mostly women and children, in the Tremseh village in Hama by the Syrian regime , thereby adding one more to the list of attacks and atrocities against its own people.

We wish God's mercy upon our Syrian brothers and sisters who lost their lives, extend our condolences to their bereaved families and wish a speedy recovery to those wounded in this horrendous act.

Stopping the Syrian regime wıthout delay which once again displayed the fact that it has lost every kind of legitimacy has now become a necessity for the Syrian people and for the maintenance of regional and international security.

In this vein, in line with the understanding emerged at the recent meetings held in Geneva and Paris regarding the developments in Syria, we expect the UN Security Council to take necessary steps immediately and, in view of the the violence to which the Syrian people are being subjected, to take necessary measures against the regime in Syria. Turkey will continue to support these efforts and the Syrian people resolutely.