No: 97, 03 April 2012, Press Release Regarding the By-Elections Held in Myanmar on 1 April 2012

We welcome the conclusion of the by-elections held in Myanmar on 1 April 2012 in an environment of peace and security. H.E. Mr. Murat Yavuz Ateş, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Naypyidaw, who started his duties in March, attended the by-elections as an observer.

Turkey considers the recent political reform process initiated by the Government of Myanmar and in that regard its efforts to release political prisoners, maintain dialogue with the opposition and carry out peace negotiations with ethnic groups in the country as steps in the right direction.

The open and transparency-building approach of the Government of Myanmar during the by-elections, which constitutes a significant step in the process of democratization and national reconciliation in Myanmar, is in line with the spirit of this process.

In that sense, our wish is that the process of democratization in Myanmar will be continued and the people of Myanmar will proceed on the path towards a more prosperous future in peace and stability.