No: 7, 07 January 2015, Press Release Regarding the Threat Against Turkish Aircraft Using Libyan Airspace

In a statement released on a Facebook page allegedly belonging to the Libyan Air Force, it has been asserted that civilian or military Turkish aircraft, which might enter the Libyan airspace will be shot down. This irresponsible statement in contravention of international law is totally unacceptable. We strongly condemn this hostile statement targeting Turkey.

It is obvious that those who released this statement are certain factions who cause civilian casualties and destroy country’s infrastructure by launching air strikes as well as violate international law and human rights in Libya.

The absence of appropriate and necessary reaction from the international community to the air strikes so far has undoubtedly encouraged those who released this irresponsible statement.

The ongoing civilian flights between Turkey and several cities in Libya contribute to addressing of humanitarian and economic needs of brotherly Libyan people in this difficult period.

Necessary diplomatic initiatives are being undertaken on this issue. In this line, we have undertaken the first initiative at the level of Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Libya.