No: 7, 12 January 2010, Press Release Regarding the Attitude of Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister During His Meeting With Turkey's Ambassador To Tel Aviv

Israeli Ambassador to Turkey Gaby Levy was summoned by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Feridun Sinirlioğlu today (January 12). During the meeting, the attitude of the Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel during his meeting with Turkish Ambassador to Israel Oguz Çelikkol, and the way he made this public was protested. Ambassador Levy was notified that we expect an explanation and an apology concerning this issue.

We would like to invite the Israeli Foreign Ministry, which displayed an undiplomatic attitude and rhetoric in its latest statements, and during Deputy Foreign Minister’s meeting with Turkish Ambassador to Israel, to adhere to the rules of diplomatic courtesy and respect. On this occasion, we also deem it appropriate to emphasize that it is not incumbent on any party to categorize Turkey in terms of its rank in morality.

Turkey expects corrective steps to be taken with respect to the treatment shown to our Ambassador to Israel.