No: 4, 7 January 2014, Press Release Regarding the Developments in Iraq

Turkey is deeply saddened and concerned about the loss of many lives among Iraqi civilians and security officers and the escalation of tension in the country as a result of terrorist acts and security operations in the Anbar Province of Iraq since the last days of December.

Turkey fully supports the fight against any kind of terrorism anywhere in the world and believes that no motive can legitimize terrorism and that terrorism has no religion, sect or nationality. Within this framework, Turkey will continue to stand by the brotherly people of Iraq in their fight against the threat of terrorism in Iraq.

It is very important that steps which will deepen sectarian polarization be avoided, that maximum attention be paid not to engage in acts that will may be perceived as if this fight were conducted against a particular component of the Iraqi population and that a common ground be found enabling the people of Iraq to be in this fight together.

Turkey calls on all political, religious and tribal leaders of Iraq, particularly Government officials, to immediately take steps which will put an end to bloodshed, reduce tension and establish security, peace and stability in the country.