No: 276, 13 December 2010, Press Release Regarding the General Elections in Kosovo

The first general elections in Kosovo since the declaration of independence on 17 February 2008, were conducted yesterday (12 December). We are pleased to note that the fair and free general elections were completed in a peaceful environment in general, while meeting international democratic standards, and in an orderly manner. We congratulate the friendly and brotherly people of Kosovo for the democratic maturity displayed at the elections.

The general elections of 12 December were also followed by a Turkish Election Observation Mission formed upon the invitation of the Kosovo Government and in coordination with the international community.

We hope that the general elections will bring impetus to the efforts towards Kosovo’s integration with the international community, Euro-Atlantic institutions and regional initiatives. To this end, it is our sincere desire that the new government is formed as soon as possible.

We are particularly glad that the Kosovar Turkish Community, which is one of the founding elements of the Republic of Kosovo, participated in the elections actively and in full harmony with other communities.

Turkey will continue to be side-by-side with the brotherly and friendly people of Kosovo and to support it in all areas, including contributing the the Pristhina-Belgrade dialogue process.