No: 182, 08 July 2012, Press Release Regarding National Congress Elections in Libya

We welcome the conclusion of the National Congress elections held in Libya on 7 July 2012 in a democratic environment, with a high level of participation and enthusiasm . We wish that the election results will be beneficial for the friendly and brotherly people of Libya.

We congratulate and share the happiness of our Libyan brothers as they conducted the first free elections successfully since they overthrew the autocratic and oppressive regime of dictator Gaddafi which prevailed for more than 40 years, by paying a heavy price.

The elections which are carried out in compliance with the electoral rules as confirmed by the international observers, constitute a historical milestone in the struggle of the Libyan people which started in 2011 for freedom, democracy and justice and also is an important step towards the establishment of democracy in the country.

The people of Libya proved with these elections to the entire world that they deserved freedom, democracy, justice and peace of which they were deprived for so many years. These elections will also set a good example for the other countries in the region.

We congratulate the new members of the Libyan National Congress to be elected and wish them success. We believe that all the political actors in Libya will respect the results of the elections and act in the framework of democratic legitimacy and national consensus following the establishment of the National Congress.

From the beginning, Turkey gave strong support to the Libyan people in their struggle which was started with justified demands and provided every kind of assistance to the Libyan National Transitional Council and Transitional Government in their steps to create a country based on democracy, individual rights and freedoms after the declaration of liberation of Libya on 23 October 2011. Turkey has sent a national observer team,comprised of 14 experts, to support the elections.

Turkey will continue to stand by the friendly and brotherly people of Libya and provide every kind of support to the Libyan National Congress and the new Libyan administration that will be elected by the Congress.