No: 179, 04 July 2012, Press Release Regarding the Investigations Conducted into the National Socialist Underground (NSU), a Far-Right Terrorist Group in Germany

The investigations conducted into the National Socialist Underground (NSU), a far-rightist terrorist organization, whose members are the suspects of the murder of eight Turks in Germany between 2000 and 2006 are closely followed in Turkey.

In the session of the German Bundestag Committee of Inquiry on the NSU held on 27 June 2012, it was understood that the investigation files about “Thüringer Heimatschutz” to which the murder suspects were members, had been destroyed. The fact that the files were deleted on 11 November 2011, on the day when the investigation into NSU was undertaken by the Federal Prosecutors’ Office is open to question.

In the same period with this development, another suspect who is believed to have assisted NSU in preparing the videos has been released. Now only two suspects are remained under custody.

It is a necessity for all German authorities both at the federal and state levels to act with utmost care and sensitivity in combating racism and xenophobia in Germany as well as in the investigation into the NSU in order to eliminate these dangerous trends. Taking all necessary measures by the German authorities is once again understood to have significant importance.