No: 170, 16 June 2012,Press Release Regarding the developments in Egypt

We are following closely the historic process of change and transformation initiated by the free will of the people in Egypt and, in this context, the unfolding developments in the wake of the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court's rulings on 14 June 2012.
In view of the run-off for the Presidential elections to be held on 16-17 June 2012 which is of critical importance for the successful and timely completion of Egypt's democratic transition process, preservation of social peace and stability in Egypt has become more important than ever.
We are fully confident that the necessary measures will be taken to ensure that the elections will take place in an environment of peace and tranquility as well as in a free, fair and transparent manner and that all the parties will respect the free will of the Egyptian people.
To ensure the achievement of the goal of constitutional democracy demanded by the Egyptian people, it is of great importance that all sides in the country act with maximum restraint and common sense and the process should be advanced on the basis of democratic legitimacy, national unity and compromise.
Turkey will continue to support Egypt's historic transition and democratic transformation process which is of utmost importance for the future of the entire Middle East region and to stand by the friendly and brotherly Egyptian people in this challenging period.