No: 12, 21 January 2013, Press Release Regarding the Terrorist Attack Perpetrated at the Gas Site in the In Amenas/Tiguentourine Region Located in Southeastern Algeria

We strongly condemn the terrorist attack perpetrated on 16 January 2013 at the gas plant in the In Amenas/Tiguentourine region located in southeastern Algeria. We are deeply saddened by the fact that the attack resulted in loss of lives and injuries. We convey our condolences to the bereaved families of those who lost their lives in the heinous attack and wish a speedy recovery to the wounded.

Extensive works have been carried out in coordination with local authorities and the international community with a view to ensuring the safety of three Turkish citizens who were in the region where the attack was perpetrated. Our three citizens have safely returned to Turkey. We would like to express our appreciation for the assistance and cooperation provided by the Algerian authorities in this regard.

Turkey has consistently emphasized that terrorism having neither religion nor nationality constitutes a crime against humanity. With this understanding, Turkey believes that the effective way to combat terrorism requires the unity and solidarity of the international community.

Turkey will continue to cooperate with the Algerian authorities in the field of fight against terrorism.