No: 114, 20 April 2013, Press Release Regarding the Agreement Reached in the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Process

We welcome the agreement reached after the latest round of talks of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue process held in Brussels.

We believe that this agreement of historic nature will make important contributions to Serbia-Kosovo relations and to peace and stability, particularly in the Balkans but also in the world at large, and that it will also strengthten Serbia and Kosovo's European orientation.

We congratulate Serbian and Kosovan leaders who went through this challenging negotiation process with courage and determination as well as the peoples of Serbia and Kosovo. Likewise, we extend our sincere congratulations to EU High Representative Catherine Ashton who made this important agreement possible.

We believe that this agreement, which marks a new chapter in the relations between Serbia and Kosovo creates an opportunity not to be missed for constructing the Balkans' common future. We therefore call upon the parties to implement it urgently.

Turkey, which closely cooperates with Serbia and Kosovo in the Balkans will continue to develop its relations with both countries in a spirit of solidarity and with determination.