Foreign Minister Davutoğlu “There is not even a minute to lose”

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu “There is not even a minute to lose”

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu paid a visit to Qatar to attend the Syrian Opposition Meeting on 8 November 2012.

Addressing the meeting Foreign Minister Davutoğlu stated that Syrian people who have resisted with courage against the pressures of a standing army for 20 months should be celebrated. “Turkey as a neighbouring country witnesses closely and is struck by the sufferings of the Syrian people” said Foreign Minister Davutoğlu emphasizing that there was not even a minute to lose. In this context Foreign Minister Davutoğlu said that Syrian people, not the international community, should lead the transition process in Syria. At the same time, the international community should give more support for Syria, he underlined. Inter alia, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu stressed that all groups in Syria should contribute to the transition process and share the responsibilities.

Within the framework of his meetings in Qatar, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu met with the Syrian groups. In this vein, he received the representatives of the Syrian Turkmen groups. Foreign Minister Davutoğlu stated that Turkey would continue to provide assistance to Syrian Turkmens in finding solutions to their problems, while Syrian Turkmens pointed out the human rights violations in Syria and the need of Syrian people for humanitarian assistance, as well.

On the other hand, at the meeting with the representatives of Syrian Kurdish National Council Foreign Minister Davutoğlu stated that Syrian Kurds are part of the Syrian people. In addition, “Turkey will continue its contacts with all Syrian groups but will also oppose any terrorist group which tries to operate in Syria”, he stressed. Syrian Kurds expressed that they do not have ties with neither PKK nor PYD and a democratic Syria is their only aim.

Moreover, the representatives of Syrian National Council informed of Foreign Minister Davutoğlu about the progress and content of the Doha Meetings while expressing their appreciation for Turkey’s assistance to the Syrians in Turkey and stressed that the reorganization of the Syrian National Council is about to be completed.