Foreign Minister Davutoglu “The European Parliament resolution on the situation in Turkey is unacceptable”

Foreign Minister Davutoglu “The European Parliament resolution on the situation in Turkey is unacceptable”

In a statement to press concerning the resolution on “Situation in Turkey” adopted by the European Parliament on June 13, 2013 Foreign Minister Davutoğlu emphasized the European Parliament resolution is unacceptable in terms of procedure, style and substance.

Pointing out that Turkey is an advanced democracy and always advocates universal values like freedom of expression and demonstration, Foreign Minister Davutoglu said “When we look at the past, we observe that the European Parliament did not adopt similar resolutions particularly during the demonstrations held in reaction to the economic crisis. Moreover, unfortunately, the European Union so far has applied double standard at the negotiations with Turkey. The recent resolution of the European Parliament is also an example of double standard. The European Parliament’s attitude in the case of Turkey is unacceptable."

Foreign Minister Davutoglu stressed that the resolution is also unacceptable in terms of its style. “Using a tone of superiority, the resolution was written in style which incorporates warnings towards Turkey while ignoring the difference between the sincere demonstrators who use their right of expression and demonstration and the marginal groups who use violence. Turkey is not a country which needs advices from a country or a bloc of countries on this issue.” said Foreign Minister Davutoğlu.

Stating that the balance established by the democracies between freedom and order should be respected by everyone Foreign Minister Davutoğlu underlined “The Republic of Turkey has always adopted these basic principles and will continue to do. If there is any wrong practice, necessary action is taken within the scope of the constitutional state. Within the principles of the state of law Turkey will continue to protect the freedom of demonstration and enable everybody use his/her right who wants to convey their concerns explicitly. However, we will not allow anybody to create a chaotic atmosphere in the country or try to create an image of chaos.”