Financing of its activities

Despite being an organization that claims to stand up for the rights of a disadvantaged and impoverished group of people, PKK/KONGRA-GEL has many expenditures, ranging from financing of its terrorist strength to running media outlets (dailies, periodicals, TV and radio channels) and to carrying out anti-Turkey propaganda activities in many parts of the world. 

Europe is particularly important for the organization as it is in Europe where the organization generates most of its revenue to finance these cumbersome activities.

Legal and illegal sources of PKK/KONGRA-GEL revenue can be cited as follows:

- Extortion (largely from Turkish businessmen).
- Revenues obtained from the “special nights” organized by affiliates.
- Sales of publications etc.
- Revenues obtained from commercial establishments belonging to / affiliated with the organization.
- Money collected through drug-trafficking, arms-smuggling and trafficking in human beings.