Turkey’s Relations with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Turkey has been a member of FAO since 6 April 1948 and her relations with FAO have developed stronger in recent years. Until recently Turkey was a country only benefiting from FAO's technical capacity, whereas today Turkey has taken important steps as regards to providing technical and financial contributions to FAO.

In line with the development of Turkey-FAO relations, the Sub-Regional Office for Central Asia, which is operating under the framework of the European and Central Asian Regional Office in Budapest, was established in 2007 in Ankara. With the entry into force of the Turkey-FAO Partnership Programme (FTPP) created in the context of the Sub-Regional Office, FAO-Turkey relations have been further strengthened. The work and projects undertaken in this framework are still going on and following a productive course.

The abovementioned Partnership Agreement and the work of the Sub-Regional Office made it possible to formulate and implement projects and programmes in the field of agriculture especially for Central Asian countries. As part of the Programme, 29 projects have been approved since 2009 by the Partnership. The first phase of the Agreement ended in 2011, and the ratification process of the FTTP II, the second stage is currently underway. The FTTP II also includes cooperation possibilities in the field of forestry.

Turkey’s relations with the Organization is carried out through Turkish Embassy and The Office of the Counsellor for Agricultural Affairs in Rome. Turkey actively participates and delivers its opinions on related issues in the meetings of the European Regional Group as a member as well as the meetings of the Steering Committee of the 2016 International Year of Pulses which it co-chairs with Pakistan. Moreover, Turkey’s G20 Presidency in the year 2015 has also increased Turkey’s visibility within the FAO.