Commercial and Economic Relations between Turkey and Norway

The bilateral trade volume between Turkey and Norway stood at 1.388 billion USD in 2017, which corresponds to an increase of 17 percent compared to the year before. (Turkish exports totalled at 548 million USD and imports at 840 million USD).

As of December 2017, there are 250 Norwegian companies and 3 branch offices operating in Turkey in various fields.

Main Turkish exports to Norway are maritime transport/shipping vessels, made-up textile articles, garments, electrical machinery and appliances , fruits and vegetables, textile materials, fabric and thread, non-metallic minerals and metal products to Norway. Main imports from Norway are natural gas, mineral fuel and lubricants, fish and fishery products, non-ferrous metals and raw plastics.

Total amount of direct investments from Norway to Turkey in the period of 2002-2017 is 649 million USD, while the figure is 190 million USD for investments from Turkey to Norway in the same period.