Cevdet SUNAY

Cevdet Sunay
28 March 1966 - 28 March 1973

Cevdet Sunay was born in 1899 in Trabzon. He concluded his elementary and secondary education in Erzurum, Kerkük, Edirne and Kuleli Was College.

During the First World War, in 1917 he fought at Palestine front. In 1918 in Egypt, he was taken as a war prisoner by the English forces. After his release, he joined resistance forces in War of Independence and served in Southern and Western fronts.

He concluded his education in War Academy in 1930. He assumed several posts in Turkish Army and became General in 1949. He was appointed as Chief of General Staff in 1960.

In 1966, he was elected as a Senate member. He was elected as the 5th President of the Turkish Republic on 28 March 1966. He concluded his 7 year term of office in 1973. He died on 22 May 1982.