Celal Bayar 
22 May 1950 - 27 May 1960

Celal Bayar was born in Bursa Gemlik in 1883. After his elementary and secondary education he worked as public servant in several posts. Bayar joined the Union and Progress Party after the Young Turk revolution and became Secretary General of the Izmir branch of the Party.

He was elected to the last Ottoman Parliament as Deputy of Saruhan. With the beginning of the War of Independence he moved to Ankara and joined the resistance movement.

He actively worked in Western Anatolia during the War and at the same time he was elected as Deputy of Bursa at the First Grand National Assembly. In 1921, he became Minister of Economy.

He took part in the Lausanne Peace Conference as Advisor. He was elected as Deputy of Izmir to the Second Grand National Assembly in 1923.

He actively worked at the establishment of the İşbank in 1924. He served as Minister of Finance.  Between 1937-1939 he served as Prime Minister. Between 1939-1943, he continued his political life as Deputy of Izmir.

In 1946, with Adnan Menderes and others he founded the Democratic Party, which came to power in 1950. He then became president of the Republic and was reelected in 1954 and 1957.

Ousted in 1960 by the Military Intervention of 27 May, he was tried for violating the constitution and sentenced to death by the Court of Yassıada. The sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in 1961. Bayar was released because of ill health in 1964 and pardoned in 1966.

Celal Bayar passed away on August 22, 1986.