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NO:143 - 9 October 2007, Press Statement Regarding the cholera outbreak in Northern Iraq(Unofficial translation)


In relation to the cholera outbreak in Northern Iraq, particularly in the cities of Kirkuk and Suleimaniyah, the relevant Iraqi authorities declared urgent need for approximately 40-50 tonnes of chlorine to purify the water, medicine (tetracyclin) used for cholera treatment and biological surveillence material to undertake tests in order to identify new cases.

As a country attaching importance to the development of its neighbor Iraq in every field, Turkey has decided to extend a helping hand to Iraq in the fight against cholera. To this end, 900 kg. of chlorine tablets have been sent, along with a Turkish Red Crescent official, with a C-130 type military cargo plane belonging to Turkish General Staff to Mosul, on 5 October 2007.

In the coming days, around 40-50 tonnes of chlorine, medicine and other medical supplies will also be dispatched to Iraq with trucks.