The Statement of Prime Minister Ecevit Regarding the EU Accession Partnership Document and Cyprus November 11, 2000

The EU Accession Partnership Document prepared by the EU Commission for Turkey, even though there are some differences of understanding or interpretation, does not include elements which Turkey would have difficulties in implementation.

Besides, the report of the Supreme Coordinating Board of Human Rights which was adopted by our Government as a reference and working paper, in general, is also compatible with the accession partnership.

However, it is out of the question for Turkey to approve the paragraph concerning Cyprus which is added to the document at the last moment.

Turkey cannot accept the existence of a linkage between its candidacy to the EU and the Cyprus issue.

Cyprus is an issue between the TRNC and the Greek Cypriot Administration.
Turkey was accepted as a candidate to the EU with its well-known determination in this regard.

The letter sent to me on 10 December 1999 by the Finnish Prime Minister Lipponen on behalf of the EU Presidency,

And the speech of Mr. Lipponen at the European Parliament on 14 December 1999,

Our meeting in Ankara with high level EU officials, Mr. Solana and Mr. Verhaugen on 10 December 1999, display that our attitude is sufficiently understood.
I deem it useful to remind these facts, once again, to the EU officials.

The letter sent to me by the Finnish Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen on behalf of the EU on 10 December 1999 contained the following words:

"Regarding Cyprus, a political settlement remains the aim of the EU. Concerning the accession of Cyprus, all relevant factors will be taken into account when the Council takes the decision."

These words of Lipponen mean that the sensitivities of Turkey vis-a-vis the Cyprus issue will be taken into account.

On 15 November 2000, Wednesday, the 17th anniversary of the TRNC will be celebrated. The Turkish Cypriots proved their right to have a state and independence despite the most severe pressures and impediments. They had got rid of the threat of genocide by this way. There is no return of this process. It is impossible to reach a compromise in Cyprus as long as the fact that there exist to separate states in the Island is not taken into consideration.

Besides, the security of TRNC and the security of Turkey and even the security of the Eastern Mediterranean are inseparable.

The finalization of the project on Baku-Ceyhan pipeline has increased altogether the importance of peace and security in the Eastern Mediterranean for Turkey.
Meanwhile, UN Secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan gave a paper to the parties in Cyprus titled "Oral Remarks" on 8 November in Geneva.

It should not be expected that the remarks contained in this paper would be taken seriously by the Turkish party.

This paper falls short of even federation, let alone confederation.
It is impossible to reach a compromise in Cyprus with an approach disregarding the existence of the two separate, independent States.

Therefore, I think that the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. H.E. Rauf Denktas would continue to explain the views of the Turkish Cypriote side with the full support of Turkey in the next period of the process of proximity talks.