The Bomb Attack Against A Bus In Hadera No:230 - November 23, 2000

The incident which caused the death of five Palestinians in Gaza on 22nd November and the bomb attack against a bus in Hadera the same day, causing the death of two Israelis and many injuries, were added to the bitter chain of escalating violence in the region. We strongly condemn these incidents wishing urgent recovery to those injured and extending our condolences to the grieved families of those who lost their lives. We reiterate once again that escalation of violence does not serve the goal for peace.

On 22nd November, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. İsmail Cem met Prime Minister Barak and Foreign Minister Ben-Ami in Israel and thereafter proceeded to Cairo where he held talks with Chairman Arafat and Mr. Nabil Shaath, the Minister for Planning and International Cooperation. Our objective is to see that the violence is brought to a halt, as a matter of priority, and the Peace Process is put back on track. Turkey's efforts to this end will continue.