The Re-Opening of the Gülbaba Mausoleum in Budapest No:148 - August; 25, 2000

The Gülbaba Mausoleum, constructed in the 16th century and located in  Budapest, capital  of  Hungary,  which was restored jointly by the Turkish  and  Hungarian  authorities has been re-opened to the public. 

The  Mausoleum, which is the most important historical monument left in  Hungary by  the  Ottoman  Empire  was first restored in 1996 with  the  contribution  of  the  Turkish Government.  According  to  the  Protocol signed between the  two  sides  on  November  5, 1999,  and  with the contribution of Turkey an Hungary, some  additional  restoration  work started  at  the  beginning of this year and completed in  August.  The  Turkish  government financed the restoration.

On  the  occasion of the completion of the restoration work at the  Mausoleum  and its  opening  to  the  public  a  ceremony  was  held  on  site  on  August  21,  2000,  with   the participation  of  the  Turkish  Embassy in Budapest and of  the  Hungarian  authorities.  In his   speech,  the  Turkish  Ambassador  pointed  out  that  the  Gülbaba  Mausoleum   is   a monument  of friendship and of tolerance situated in the heart of Europe. 

During  the ceremony, the students of the Petkim Elementary  School  performed  a folk dance show, followed by the performance of the historical Mehter Military (Ottoman) Band  of  the  Turkish Armed Forces, invited to participate in the ceremonies  held  on  the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of the foundation of the Hungarian State on August  20, 2000.