The Assistances After the Earthquake No:144 -;August 19, 2000

A year passed over the catastrophe that shook our country and caused deep grief with the loss of tens of thousands of our citizens, on 17 August, 1999.

Probably the only positive dimension of this tragic catastrophe, was the immediate response of many countries who poured in their assistance and shown solidarity. Our neighbour Greece who reacted immediately after the earthquake, also displayed that she was with Turkey with her Government and NGOs by sending medical equipment, doctors, portable housing material, fire extinguishing aircraft as well as the well experienced EMAK search and rescue team, and contributed the pain be lesser felt.

On 7 September 1999, shortly after this naturel disaster experienced in Turkey, Turkish Government and people rushed for aid to Greece who was struck by an earthquake. These developments, contrary to what was predicted, shown that it is the feelings of friendship and fraternity that rules the peoples of two countries but not the animosity. The solidarity aud cooperation the Turkish and Greek peoples have displayed on the occasion of these tragic catastrophes, made an important contribution to the dialogue process which was initiated between the Governments of two countries before the earthquakes and played an encouraging role.

The Turkish Government, will continue to show every effort, for the rapproachment and cooperation process existing between two countries would continue, with the great support of its people.