The Uğur Ziyal´s Visit To Tripoli No:65 - May, 10 2000 The Visit of The President of the Republic of Turkey, H.E. Süleyman Demirel to Albania- (Unofficial Translation) No:66 - May 9, 2000 The Humanitarian Aid to Ethiopia Provided by Turkey (Unofficial Translation) No:67 - May 10, 2000 The Visit of President of the Council of ICAO to Turkey (Unofficial Translation) No:68 - May 10, 2000 The Weu Spring Ministerial Meetings in Porto, on May 15-16 2000 (Unofficial Translation) No:69 - May 11, 2000 The Allegations in an English-Language Newspaper (Unofficial Translation) No:70 - May 11, 2000 The Article Written by Cengiz Çandar at Sabah Newspaper Dated No:71 - May 13, 2000 The Galatasaray - Arsenal UEFA Cup Final Match in Kopenhagen No:72 - May 16, 2000 The Response by the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to a Question on the Aegean Developments May 17, 2000 The Undersecretary Logoglu´s Visit to Dhaka (Unofficial Translation) No:73 - May 17, 2000 The Undersecretary Logoglu´s Visit to Moscow (Unofficial Translation) No:74 - May 17, 2000 The Turkey´s Participation in UNTAET (Unofficial Translation) No:75 - May 17, 2000 The Question Answered by the MFA Spokesman May 17, 2000 The Visit by His Excellency Victor Orban, the Prime Minister of the Republic Hungary No:76 - May 18, 2000 The Greek-Greek Cypriot Joint Military Exercise Being Held in South Cyprus No:77 - May 18, 2000 The NATO Meetings to be Held in Florence (Unofficial Translation) No:78 - May 22, 2000 The Lunch Given by FM Cem to the Ambassadors of Some Central Asian Countries (Unofficial Translation) No:79 - May 22, 2000 The Visit of the Russian Deputy Prime Minister (Unofficial Translation) No:80 - May 24, 2000 The Set of Agreements on Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Main Pipeline Project (Unofficial Translation) No:81 - May 26, 2000 The; FM Cem´s Visit to Azerbaijan No:82 - May 26, 2000 The Vithdrawal of Israeli Forces From South Lebanon (Unofficial Translation) No:83 - May 27, 2000 The Visit of Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit to Norway (Unofficial Translation) No:84 - May 29, 2000 The Visit by H.A. İsmail Cem, Foreign Minister of Turkey to Latvia (Unofficial Translation) No:85 - May 31, 2000 The Visit by H.E. İsmail Cem, Foreign Minister of Turkey to Lithuania (Unofficial Translation) No:86 - May 31, 2000 The Visit by H.E. İsmail Cem, Foreign Minister of Turkey to Estonia (Unofficial Translation) No:87 - May 31, 2000 The Official Visit of Mr. Solana to Turkey (Unofficial Translation) No:88 - May 31, 2000
The NATO Meetings to be Held in Florence (Unofficial Translation) No:78 - May 22, 2000

Spring meetings of the Foreign Ministers of the North Atlantic Council, the Europe Atlantic Partnership Council, the NATO-Russian Federation Standing Partnership Council and the NATO-Ukraine Commission will take place in Florence on 24-25 May 2000.

The Turkish delegation to the Meetings will be headed by Minister of Foreign Affairs İsmail Cem.

At the North Atlantic Council meeting,latest developments on the European Security and Defense Identity, present situation in Kosova and Bosnia-Herzegovina, initiatives by EU and NATO aiming at establishing peace , stability and economic development in the Balkans , follow-up of the decisions endorsed at the NATO Washington summit, arms control and disarmament will be taken up.

Recent developments in the Partnership for Peace Program (PfP) following the Washington Summit will be reviewed at the Europe Atlantic Partnership Council meeting. Croatia that was invited to participate in the PfP will also attend that meeting after officially signing the Framework Document.

At the meetings of the NATO-RF Standing Partnership Council and NATO-Ukraine Commission, relations between the NATO and those countries will be discussed.