The Humanitarian aid to Afghanistan by Turkey No:121 - July 17, 2000

Within the framework of Turkey's humanitarian assistance programme to Afghanistan, a delegation headed by Ambassador Aydemir Erman, Coordinator for Afghanistan, will visit Afghanistan between 17-25 July 2000, with an aim to carry out observations and inspections on the humanitarian assistance projects implemented at the Atatürk Pediatrics Hospital, Kabul; Turkey-Afghanistan Friendship Hospital, Shibergan and Mazar-I Sharif Orphanage, Mazar-ı Sharif.

Following this tour, in August the delegation will visit the Taloqan Hospital, Takhar and the Faisabad Medical College, Badakshan, areas under the control of the Northern Alliance, to carry out similar observations.

Within the context of its contacts in Afghanistan, the delegation will also hold talks with the representatives of the various Afghan parties with an aim to contribute to the efforts deployed for bringing about a peaceful solution to the crisis in Afghanistan.

The Turkish humanitarian assistance projects which are implemented in Afghanistan mainly focus on health and education.