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Statement of Mr. Sermet Atacanlı, The Spokesman of the Foreign Ministry In Response To a Question Regarding the Statements made by the Speaker of the Greek Parliament and the Greek Foreign Minister (Unofficial Translation) February 2, 1999

QUESTION: Could we have your views on the statements made by the Speaker of the Greek Parliament Mr. Kaklamanis and Foreign Minister Pangalos which were published in yesterday's Greek press ?

ANSWER: We observe that a tension quest and a tendency of radicalism in Greece have surfaced again. Both Greek officials appear to be in an extremely unhealthy and inconsistent approach. Such kind of temperamental statements fail to hide the truth that Greece is the only country in the world which rejects any kind of dialogue.

The statement by the Speaker of the Greek Parliament, Mr. Apostolos Kaklamanis published in the Greek daily Apoyevmatini yesterday, in which he declares that a conflagration with Turkey would be inevitable, displays once again how some people in Greece are getting away from common sense.

On the other hand, the statement by Foreign Minister Pangalos to the NETNEWS agency at the same day regarding the Kardak rocks is above all not convincing even for the Greek people. It is best for Pangalos and his country if he wakes up and faces the reality.

We protest the remarks of Mr. Pangalos that disregard the demilitarized status of the Eastern Aegean islands established by the international treaties. Greece has been violating international law since 1960s by militarizing these islands. No pretext permits Greece to disrespect its obligations emanating from international law.