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Press Release Regarding The Recent Developments About Terrorist Chief Abdullah; Ocalan (Unofficial Translation) February 1, 1999

It appears that since yesterday the terrorist chief of the murder gang, Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) has been striving to take refuge in an EU member country such as Italy, the Netherlands or Greece with the help of various accomplices.

1) Upon these developments necessary initiatives have been taken in those countries immediately. In a statement made by the Italian Government yesterday afternoon, the allegations claiming that the terrorist chief was in Italy were categorically rejected, and it was emphasized that his return to Italy was regarded as not possible. This quick and sensitive reaction that the Italian Government displayed made us hopeful about establishing an effective co-operation between our countries to combat terrorism. However, with regard to the news indicating that the terrorist chief had landed on an airport on the north of Milano this time, the attitude that the Italian Government will follow will show how far we could depend on this hope. From the statement made by the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands this morning, it is understood that no permission was given to the terrorist chief to land at the Rotterdam Airport. Concerning the news about the terrorist's entry in Greece; the Greeek ambassador who was invited to our Ministry today stated that the terrorist was not in Greece and that he would not be permitted to come to Greece. However, according to the news received following this meeting it was heard that the chief of the terrorist organisation had come to the Athens Airport on a private plane and that he was still waiting there. Also some information has been obtained from various resources indicating that the terrorist chief was in Greece. In a situation like this, the Greek authorities must immediately arrest this person in order to extradite him to Turkey. The Greek ambassador who was invited once again upon these developments said that the news in question did not reflect the truth. In view of this contradictory situation, we will continue to follow the developments.

As it can be remembered, our Government made it clear that it would consider it a hostile act if this terrorist is given shelter by a neighboring country.

2) After the terrorist chief has fled leaving behind children with an obscure destiny after having forced them into terrorist actions, it is apparent that he is only searching for a secure future for himself by hiring private planes and lawyers with the money he gained from PKK's drug trafficking, money laundering and extortion and that he is only struggling to take care of his individual interests. In this struggle, it is known that the terrorist chief is supported by drug trafficking, crime organisations and mafia.

3) From the information obtained by us it has been understood that the terrorist chief who is the first one to blame for great number of murders and other crimes that are committed by the terrorist organisation so far was not successful in finding a shelter in some Europe countries.

We expect all European countries to locate this terrorist's whereabouts and hand him over to the authorities to be held accountable for the crimes he committed.