Turkey’s Views Regarding The Settlement Of The Aegean Issues

Turkey´s Views Regarding The Settlement Of The Aegean Issues

Turkey is determined to create a zone of peace, prosperity and stability in the region with her neighbors. Greece is no exception to this policy. Turkey is committed to good-neighborly relations with Greece and in this respect supports the dialogue process.

Turkey is resolved to explore every avenue to attain a comprehensive and lasting settlement to all differences and problems between the two countries, especially those related to the Aegean Sea.

The Aegean Sea should be a sea of friendship and cooperation between Turkey and Greece.

A possible settlement on the Aegean issues will only be functional and lasting if it is built on a common denominator, that is respecting fundamental rights and legitimate interests of both countries.

Greece advocates that there is no problem in the Aegean between Turkey and Greece other than the delimitation of the continental shelf which should be resolved only through recourse to ICJ. This position of Greece namely "one problem-one solution" does not reflect the reality at all.

Therefore, acknowledging only one problem and neglecting the others as well as advocating only one means for a solution in a selective manner is not a viable option for the peaceful settlement of all these issues. To opt for such a course of action would no doubt leave the other outstanding issues aside unresolved.

With this understanding, Turkey believes that all problems should be addressed as a whole and stands ready to continue to work towards settlement of the Aegean issues through peaceful means in accordance with international law.

Turkey does not rule out from the outset any peaceful settlement method contained in the UN Charter Article 33, including having recourse, if necessary, to International Court of Justice or other third party solutions based on the mutual consent of the both countries.

To this end, Turkey is determined to focus on concrete and constructive ideas. Through such initiatives, Turkey wishes to maintain a positive agenda in Turkish-Greek bilateral relations.