News and Recent Developments

The existing dialogue mechanisms between Türkiye and Greece on Aegean disputes are still open.

In 2000, upon Türkiye’s proposal, the two countries started talks on a series of Confidence Building Measures (CBMs). The CBM process aims to decrease the risk of collision and to increase mutual trust in the Aegean. There are 29 CBMs agreed upon between the two countries.

Moreover, the Foreign Ministers of both countries during their meetings in New York on 1 February 2002, and in İstanbul on 12 February 2002, decided to launch “exploratory contacts” between the two countries with a view to finding ways of resolving the Aegean issues. The first of these contacts, took place in Ankara on 12 March 2002. The 60th round of exploratory contacts between Türkiye and Greece was held in Athens on 1 March 2016.

Türkiye hopes that these endeavors would pave the way to a just, lasting and comprehensive settlement to the Aegean issues that is mutually acceptable by both sides.