QA-19, 8 June 2016, Statement of the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tanju Bilgiç in Response to a Declaration Made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece Condemning the Reading of Quran in Hagia Sophia During the Month of Ramadan

The statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece regarding the pre-dawn meal (sahur) program titled “Time of Abundance Hagia Sophia” to be broadcasted by TRT Diyanet TV during the month of Ramadan is not acceptable.

Greece has not given permission for the construction of a mosque in its capital for years, permanently intervenes in the freedoms of religion of the Turkish minority of Western Thrace and mistakes being against Islam for being modern. We invite Greece to use common sense in its rhetoric and statements.

Within this context, we would like to remind that there is also respect for other religions and their acts of worship among the values of modern, democratic and secular societies.