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Message by The Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu On The Occasion of “The Europe Day” of May 9th, 08 May 2012

"Europe Day" of May 9th is the re-birth day of peace, prosperity and stability in Europe, as well as an occasion for a forward-looking assessment of the current situation.

Turkey, with its historical background and vision for the future, is an integral part of the European integration process. However, the deadlock in our EU accession process resulting from the politically motivated blockages by some EU members is a source of disappointment.

Turkey's EU membership is an eventual outcome and requirement of the natural flow of history. An EU which does not embrace Turkey will remain as a non-accomplished political project. As a matter of fact, the sustainability of this project could be ensured by Turkey‘s accession to the EU. The rapid change and transformation in today’s international political and economic relations reveal the extent of the positive repercussions which this historic project will have with the strength and effectiveness that Turkey’s accession will bring in global scale.

We will continue to proceed in this direction with determination and confidence, and with vigorous steps. Our ongoing reforms constitute an important aspect of our effort.

On this occasion, I congratulate the "Europe Day" of May 9th of all Europeans, including our citizens.