Türkiye’s Approach And Contributions To The United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

The concept of Peacekeeping Operations was first introduced to maintain the ceasefire in the Middle East in 1948 based on the relevant resolution of the UN Security Council. Since then, this concept evolved as a significant instrument for crisis management and conflict prevention.

The scope, objectives and the nature of Peacekeeping Operations have changed and expanded especially in the post-cold war period in parallel with the changes in the nature of conflicts. A wide range of activities extending from conflict prevention to the maintenance of sustainable peace have been included within the scope of the operations. Accordingly, a considerable number of civilian personnel and police force as well as military units started to participate in these operations.

Peacekeeping Operations remains to be one of the most effective instruments available to the international community for the protection of international peace and stability.

Türkiye participated in Peacekeeping Operations for the first time during the Korean War. Since then, Türkiye has been contributing to these operations in line with its capabilities.

One of the main objectives of Turkish foreign policy is to contribute to establish and maintain peace and stability in its region and beyond. Peacekeeping Operations are the legitimate means to realize this objective.

As an active participant in all areas of the UN system, Türkiye also vigorously engages in UN efforts to maintain international peace and stability, which also helps to enhance Türkiye’s role in international arena.

Türkiye contributes military personnel, police officers and experts to the UN peacekeeping operations deployed in various locations around the world. Türkiye also makes substantial financial contributions to the budgets of the UN peacekeeping missions and peacebuilding efforts. Türkiye participates in various Country Configurations of the UN Peacebuilding Commission which have been created following the World Summit held in 2005. Türkiye is also a significant contributor to the Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) that has an important role in providing coordinated efforts and sustainable support to post-conflict countries, especially for strengthening civilian capacity.