Turkey Strongly Condemns All Kinds of Terrorism August 21, 1998

Turkey strongly condemns all kinds of terrorism, no matter what its source or objective and is a major supporter of international cooperation for combating terrorism. Turkey has not only massively and consistently supported bilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements for combating terrorism but also made substantial contribution to this end.

Immediately following yesterday's military operations the US Embassy in Ankara contacted the Ministry informing that strikes against certain targets in Afghanistan and Sudan had been carried out with the legitimate purpose of self-defence. It was further expressed that these strikes were conducted against terrorist elements and targets with utmost care to ensure that civilians were not harmed.

Turkey shares with the US the determination that no country should allow the use of their territory by terrorists, provide no facilities that would enable terror organisations to plan or implement the acts of violence and that civilian population should suffer no harm.

Turkey is convinced that such terror activities which presently constitute one of the major threats against humanity can only be prevented by the establishment of effective and serious international cooperation thus removing the need for unilateral intervention.