Turkey- NATO Together for Peace and Security Since 60 Years
Turkey- NATO Together for Peace and Security Since 60 Years

Since its establishment, the security of the Republic of Turkey has been dictated by two main elements: geography and longstanding ties with the neighboring countries. In line with this global perspective, Turkish foreign policy has been built on the key elements such as cooperation and partnership, and respect for sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. Therefore, establishing and maintaining friendly relations with other countries; promoting regional and international cooperation through bilateral and multilateral schemes; resolving conflicts through peaceful means and enhancing regional and international peace, stability and prosperity are the guiding principles of Turkish foreign policy.

In the aftermath of the Second World War, Turkey made the historic choice of siding with the free world and the Western Bloc. This policy was led Turkey to become member of NATO on 18 February 1952. Since then, NATO has been the cornerstone of Turkey's defense and security policy.

Protocol regarding Turkey’s membership to NATO was signed on 17 October 1951. Law on the accession of Turkey to the North Atlantic Treaty was endorsed on 18 February 1952 and Turkey became a NATO member together with Greece.

As we celebrate the 60th anniversary of our NATO membership, Turkey has been a staunch Ally of NATO and considers the Alliance as the linchpin of the Transatlantic ties and Euro-Atlantic security. NATO is known as the most successful defense alliance in the history. The Article 5 of the Washington Treaty, the founding document of NATO that refers to collective defense constitutes a valuable security guarantee for Turkey as well as for other Allies. On the other hand, Turkey is a valuable asset for NATO. Turkey assumed the responsibility to protect southeastern border of the Alliance during Cold War period. As a result of her proactive foreign policy and contributions provided to crisis management and peace-keeping missions, Turkey’s role within NATO constantly increased since the end of the Cold War.

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