Syrian Opposition Alawites condemn the attacks in Reyhanlı.
Syrian Opposition Alawites condemn the attacks in Reyhanlı.

Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey met with the opposition figures from Alawite background representing “We are All Syrians” Conference on May 14, 2013.

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu emphasized that Turkey is equal to all communities in Syria and never discriminates between sectarian, religious, or ethnic groups. In this regard, he added that, Turkey has never adopted a negative position towards Syrian Alawites and Turkey’s relation with the Syrian regime in the past is a proof of this attitude.

Pointed out that Turkey’s door will always be open to Syrian Alawites at this juncture, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu recalled his previous statements that Turkey will be the first one which stands against any hostile act towards Syrian Alawites.

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu stated that as is the case with “We are All Syrian” Conference, it is of importance that Alawites are a part of the Syrian opposition, because this proves that the revolution in Syria includes all segments of the population. Underlining that the Syrian regime wants to turn the situation in the country into a sectarian conflict, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu said that this should not be allowed and the existence of Alawites in the Syrian opposition is the most important factor which will prevent a sectarian conflict. Foreign Minister Davutoğlu stressed that Turkey is ready to help all segments of Syrian community including Alawites.

Tevfik Dünya, General Coordinator of the Executive Board of “We are All Syrian” Conference and Bassam Yusuf, Secretary-General of the Conference, condemned the terrorist attacks in Reyhanlı and expressed their solidarity with the Turkish people. Stating that they are aware of the provocative efforts of Syrian regime behind the attack Mr. Dünya and Mr. Yusuf pointed out their belief that those efforts will not succeed.

As the representatives of Syrian Alawites, Mr. Dünya and Mr. Yusuf emphasized that, they will not allow the Syrian regime’s effort for a sectarian conflict in the region and Syrian Alawite community together with other segments of Syrian community is the integral part of Syrian revolution. They mentioned that Turkey and Syria have deep-rooted relations and nobody could break the ties between the people of the two countries. Syrian Alawites want to be in close contact with Turkey in the coming period, they added.