Statement by the United Nations Secretary General, Released by his Spokesman (10 January 1997)
The Secretary-General is concerned by the increase in tensions in Cyprus. The Security Council, most recently in its resolution 1092 of 23 December 1996, has expressed grave concern about the excessive levels of military forces and armaments in the Republic of Cyprus and the rate at which they are being expanded, upgraded and modernized, including the introduction of sophisticated weaponry. The Secretary-General believes that the events of the past week once again underline the inherent instability of the status quo and add urgency to the concerted efforts to achieve an overall political settlement through negotiations. He underscores the importance of carefully prepared, face to-face talks between the leaders. He calls upon the parties to respond positively to the various ideas the United Nations has put forward to reduce tension and avoid risk of confrontation on the island and urges all parties to exercise maximum restraint. The Secretary-General reminds all sides that the United Nations Charter forbids the threat or use of force in situations such as this.