Abdullah GÜL
Abdullah Gül 

Abdullah Gül

Born in Kayseri

Graduated from Istanbul University, B.A. in Economics

Ph.D. from Istanbul University. Attended programs in Exeter and London

1980 - 1983
Participated in the foundation of the Department of Engineering of Sakarya University. Taught Economics.

1983 – 1991
Economist in the Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah

Associate Professor of International Economics

Elected to Parliament on the Welfare Party ticket.  Member of the Planning and Budgetary Commission 

Deputy Chairman of the Welfare Party in charge of Foreign Affairs

Re-elected to Parliament. Member of the Foreign Affairs Commission

1996 – 1997
Minister of State and Government Spokesman

Elected to Parliament on the Virtue Party ticket, for a third term

1992 – 2001
Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.  Member of the Committee on Culture and Education and the Political Committee of  the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe 

Awarded with Pro-merito Medal of the Council of Europe. Honorary Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

August 2001
Founding Member of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party)
Deputy Chairman of the AK Party in charge of Political and Judicial Affairs Member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

16 November 2002
Appointed Prime Minister

18 November 2002
Formed 58th Government of the Republic of Turkey

14 March 2003

Appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs

28 August 2007
Elected as the eleventh president by the Turkish Grand National Assambly.

Married with three children.