Representation Office of the Foreign Ministry in Edirne officially inaugurated

Representation Office of the Foreign Ministry in Edirne officially inaugurated
The Representation Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey in Edirne was inaugurated by Ambassador Naci Koru, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs at a ceremony on 23 November 2012. The Representation Office is considered to make significant contributions to increasingly diversifying cooperation between the Balkan countries and provinces of Turkey located in the Thrace and the Marmara regions in parallel with our policy aimed at maintaining peace, stability and prosperity in the Balkans to which Turkey attaches importance in terms of political, cultural, historical and human relations.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Deputy Foreign Minister Koru stated that Edirne was a prestigious city which had been the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a long time and it was our sincere desire that the city would be the capital of the Balkans. “We are proud to be represented in this prestigious city” said Deputy Minister Koru pointed that the Representation Office was opened with a view to implementing Turkey’s Balkans policy more effectively and supporting the government institutions in line with the designated priorities. 

Deputy Foreign Minister Koru said “We want our Representation Office to work throughout the whole year and make every effort to further develop our relations with neighboring countries. During the last 10 years Turkey made an important progress economically. We would like to reflect our economic power to neighboring friendly countries. Therefore, our Representation Office in Edirne has important responsibilities in terms of developing political and economic relations.”

As part of his visit to Edirne Deputy Foreign Minister Koru who also visited the Governor of Edirne, Mr. Hasan Duruer and the Major, Mr. Hamdi Sedefçi delivered a conference entitled “Turkish Foreign Policy and Career Opportunities at the Foreign Ministry” at the Balkans Congress Center, University of Trakya.