Relations with the North America Region

Turkey’s relations with North American countries, Canada and the United States, respectively the second and fourth largest countries in the world by land and sea area, are shaped within the framework of transatlantic ties and alliances.

Relations between Turkey and the United States date back to the early 19th century. Despite the 1830 trade agreement between the Ottoman Empire and the United States, the two countries developed relations on a limited basis in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Diplomatic relations were interrupted between 1917 and 1927 as the two countries were on the opposite fronts during World War I. Diplomatic relations were reestablished in 1927. Bilateral relations took a dramatic turn particularly after World War II and Turkey-U.S. cooperation developed rapidly.

As two close allies and partners, Turkey and the U.S. cooperate comprehensively on a wide geography, as well as on issues of critical importance.

Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Canada were established in 1943. The cooperation within the framework of U.N., NATO, OSCE, OECD, and G-20 memberships constitute the common ground for Turkey’s relations with Canada.

Turkish communities living in the U.S. and Canada serve as valuable bridge between Turkey and North America.